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First Shows.

In November 2007, Falsos Conejos debuts on the stages, from that month on, until the end of 2009 they did more than 100 concerts, sharing stage with bands such as Alan Courtis/Ul/Daddy Antogna DH, Milica/Cuco, Macaco Bong, Acorazado Potemkin, Poseidotica, Huey, Hongo, Suspensivos Inflamables, among many others.
In this process the band developed an intense and psychedelic show and achieved being chosen in 2009 by independent media as one of the best live bands of the city of Buenos Aires. Their presentations were highlighted in the cultural schedules of the most important media of Buenos Aires.

Falsos Conejos en Antiguas Lunas

Recording "AntiTANGO", bands first EP.

In October 2006, Falsos Conejos recorded its first studio material. They recorded live in an afternoon the seven tracks of AntiTANGO. In later sessions, the voices, harmonicas, bandoneons and trombones were added. By the end of 2006 they did the first presentations where they live reproduced AntiTANGO.

Sesiones Lunaticas.

By the end of 2007, they recorded live on the stage of the CicloMONTECONEJO the compositions of “Sesiones Lunáticas”. The recording was also in charge of Juan Stewart, live on Antiguas Lunas stage.

falsos conejos yyy album cover


Recording their first full album, "YYY"

In 2009 the band focused its energies on the production of the first LP. Pre-produced in February and March at the "Bar Cultural Antiguas Lunas". Recorded live in an antique house in Buenos Aires’ outskirts in August. The recording and post-production were under Juan Stewart’s charge. Engineer and producer known for having worked in many of the most interesting albums in the independent scene of Buenos Aires in the last years.

First international tour

Once the record was finished, they traveled to Brazil to make their first tour abroad in which they played in the Calango Festival in the city of Cuiaba and gave concerts in the states of Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo.


29 Out | Campo Grande, MS - Brasi @Bar Fly
31 Out | Cuiaba, MT - Brasil @Festival Calango
06 Nov | Uberlandia, MG @Goma
08 Nov | Araraquara, SP - Brasil @Kruppa
31 Out | São Carlos, SP - Brasil @UFSCar
falsos conejos brazil tour 2009


YYY TOUR 2010 - Argentina, Brasil & Colombia

Falsos Conejos’ first album, YYY, edited by Viajero Inmóvil music label, was presented in Brazil and Colombia between October and November of 2010 through a long tour in which they gave over 50 shows in 38 cities. Between May and July was Argentina’s turn. They gave several concerts in Buenos Aires (capital city and the outskirts). The album received feedbacks and was flattered by various means of communication, from newspapers of national circulation such as La Nación, to small specialized blogs from Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Italy, among others.

falsos conejos brasil colombia tour 2010

06 Dez | Bogota - Anonimo Bar
05 Dez | Bogota - Ozzy Bar.
02 Dez | Bogota - Emmat (Escuela de música moderna audio y tecnología) - Show + Oficina
27 Nov | Bogota - Matik Matik - Festival de Musica Experimental e improvisacion
24 N ov | Bogota - La Hamburgueseria

18 Nov | Crato (CE) @Armazém
17 Nov | Fortaleza (CE) @Amici's
16 Nov | Mossoró (RN) @Quintura Bar
15 Nov | Pium (RN) @Festival Do Sol
14 Nov | Natal (RN) @Festival Do Sol
13 Nov | João Pessoa (PB) @Festival Mundo
12 Nov | Cajazeiras (PB)@Núcleo Cultural Universidade Federal
09 Nov | Maceió (AL) @Banga Bar
08 Nov | Aracaju (SE) @Rua da Cultura
07 Nov | Salvador (BA) @Espaço Cultural Dona Neuza
06 Nov | Feira de Santana (BA) @ArtBrasil
05 Nov | Vitória da Conquista (BA)@Viela Sebo Café
04 Nov | Montes Claros (MG) @Terraço Bar e Restaurante
03 Nov | BH (MG) @A Obra
02 Nov | Sabará (MG) @Casa José de Figueiredo Silva
01 Nov | Patos de Minas (MG) @DecorFest
30 Oct | Uberaba (MG) @Cervejaria Santo Onofre
29 Oct | Campinas (SP) @Casa de Cultura e Política Hermínio Sachetta
28 Oct | Bauru (SP) @Jack Music Pub
27 Oct | Paraibuna (SP) @Fundação Cultural
25 Oct | Sorocaba (SP) @Carne de Segunda
24 Oct | São José do Rio Preto (SP) @Vila Dionísio
23 Oct | Serrana (SP) @Parquin
22 Oct | Bragança Paulista (SP) @Galpão Vida Nova
21 Oct | São Paulo (SP) @Studio SP
20 Oct | Ribeirão Preto (SP)@Vila Dionísio
19 Oct | São Carlos (SP) @Cremosita
18 Oct | São Carlos (SP) @Rádio UFSCar
15 Oct | Uberlândia (MG) @Jambolada
09 Oct | São Carlos (SP) @Armazém Bar
08 Oct | Curitiba (PR) @Wonka Bar
07 Oct | Araraquara (SP) @FEBAN

17 Sep | Buenos Aires, DF - SC, C Universitaria
14 Ago | Buenos Aires, DF - Ultra Bar - Junto a Acorazado Potemkin
31 Jul | Buenos Aires, DF - El Archibrazo - Festival Movimiento Submarino
16 Jul | Buenos Aires, DF - Bs As Experimental, C Universitaria
07 Jul | Buenos Aires, DF - Plasma
18 Jun | Buenos Aires, DF - Festival Bs As Experimental, IMPA (La Fábrica Cultural) c/ UL + Honduras
15 May | Buenos Aires, DF - CC Zaguan Sur - Festival Sintomatica
19 Abr | Buenos Aires, DF - Nasty Mondays, La Castorera
01 Abr | La Plata, Prov. de Buenos Aires - Pura Vida Bar.

Falsos Conejos YYY Tour 2011 - Argentina


YYY TOUR - Argentina 2011

The instrumental trio Falsos Conejos returns to Buenos Aires to present, between May and July, their new album YYY, edited in Argentina by Viajero Inmóvil music label. They’ll show the tracks of the new album to the Argentinean audience after the tour that took them to more than 30 cities of Brazil and Colombia in the last months of 2010.


Jun 11 | Buenos Aires @CC Matienzo - Fujimoris
Jul 06 | Buenos Aires @Motoclub - Roxy Live
Jul 09 | Campana @La Estacion junto a Cocolizo
Jul 10 | La Plata @Ciclo No Margen - junto a UL + Hongo
Jul 16 | Buenos Aires @La Cigale - junto a Atras Hay Truenos
Ago 06 | Burzaco @Tio Bizarro - junto a Fujimoris
Ago 12 | Buenos Aires @Zaguan al Sur - junto a Suspensivos Inflamables + Cuco

Falsos Conejos Musica en Estado Puro Tour 2011

YYY TOUR - Argentina 2011

In October and November the instrumental trio Falsos Conejos will return to Brazil for the third time. The tour will begin in Rio Grande do Sul and get to Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. The band will present its album ‘YYY’ with a show that was much flattered by the audience and the press due to its intensity, innovation and experimentalism.


Out 14 | Porto Alegre, RS @Live Sport Pub - junto a Pata De Elefante
Out 15 | Sapiranga, RS @Festival Morrostock
Out 16 | Porto Alegre, RS @CasaM - Bienal do Mercolsul - junto a Marcelo Armani
Out 21 | Pelotas, RS @Galpão Satolep
Out 22 | Esteio, RS @Espaço 711
Out 24 | São Paulo, SP @TV Trama
Out 25 | São Paulo, SP @Fuego - Sesion for "A Musica Muda" project
Out 27 | São Paulo, SP @Serralheria
Out 28 | Curitiba, PR @John Bull - junto a Ruido/mm
Out 30 | Rio de Janeiro, RJ @Audio Rebel - junto a Guizado
Nov 03 | Belo Horizonte, MG @Nelson Bordello - Quinta Loki
Nov 04 | São Paulo, SP @Casa Mafalda
Nov 05 | Presidente Prudente, SP @SESC
Tour Falsos Conejos 2012


"Musica Em Estado Puro Tour 2012"

The forth Falsos Conejos tour in Brazil makes it clear that the band it’s already installed in the independent scene of that country. By the end of it, they’ll count with more than 70 shows in 44 cities. They’ve played in “inferninhos”, pubs, bars, festivals, SESC’s, radios and TV channels of 18 states, from Matogrosso to Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul to Ceara.


Mai 20 | Rio, RJ - Audio Rebel
Mai 23 | Fortaleza, CE - BNB Instrumental
Mai 24 | Cariri , CE - BNB Instrumental
Mai 25 | Sousa, PB - BNB Instrumental
Mai 26 | Joao Pessoa, PB - Casa Derrame
Mai 27 | Natal, RN - c/ Camarones OG
Mai 28 | Natal, RN - DOSOL TV Sessions
Mai 29 | Recife, PE - UK Pub
Mai 30 | Natal, RN - c/ Camarones OG
Mai 31 | São Paulo, SP - SESC Pinheiros
Jun 01 | Braganca Paulista, SP - Acervo do Tuzzi
Jun 02 | Pico do Jaragua, SP - "A Musica Muda Ao Vivo" - junto a Huey
Jun 03 | Rio Claro, SP - junto a Malditas Ovelhas
Jun 04 | Sao Carlos, SP - junto a Malditas Ovelhas
Jun 05 | São Paulo, SP - Trama Estudio - "Ensaio no Estudio" TV Show
Jun 07 | Bauru, SP - junto a Almigty Devil Dogs + Huey
Tour Falsos Conejos & Huey - Argentina 2012

A Musica Muda ao vivo Tour

In June of 2012, the band Huey (São Paulo) and the Falsos Conejos Trio (Buenos Aires) went to a location near São Paulo City with the challenge of making and documenting the musical gathering of both.

A cottage was the chosen place; a beautiful wooded and mountainous scene, though full of technical and structural obstacles that were able to overcome by those who participated.

The aim was to achieve the most ambitious chapter on the “A Música Muda” Project: to record a live outdoor show of these partner bands on the outskirts of the Brazilian metropolis which would be afterwards released as a split video.

The result was a high quality audio-visual material that captured the magic of the moment with a particular esthetic for being recorded outdoors. It is a document of two of the hottest shows on the instrument al scene in South-America in a stage when, after years of growth, it establishes as na important source of music renewal and it is an alternative chosen by an audience that searches for new sounds.

The broadcasting of this material will take place within a series of shows in different Argentinean cities. As well, it will be available on the bands’ websites. Later, the time to do the same in Brazil will come.


Sep 20 | La Plata @Sala Tupe
Sep 21 | Campana @La Estacion
Sep 22 | Brandsen @Branstock
Sep 23 | Buenos Aires @Club V

Tour Falsos Conejos Argentina/Paraguay/Brasil 2013


Falsos Conejos - Por la Yvy Rupi Tour 2013 - Argentina/Paraguay/Brasil

The Falsos Conejos Trio will unit on this tour cities of Argentina’s seaboard, Paraguay and the state of São Paulo. Years ago this route wouldn’t have crossed any board given that the region belonged to the Guaraní nation, therefore the tour was named “Por La Yvyrupi” (Through the red land).
It is important to point out the participation on the “Caros Hermanos” Festival in São Paulo City, where they’ll represent the independent rock scene of Buenos Aires among other artists of other genres such as Quinteto Real, Escalandrum, Kevin Johansen, Ataque 77 and the Orquesta Típica Fernández Fierro.
This will be the band’s fifth visit to Brazil in four years, reason why some call it “o grupo mais brasileiro da Argentina” (The most Brazilian band of Argentina).


Mar 08 | Posadas, Misiones (Argentina) @Checambazera junto a Ojos Sobre El Mar
Mar 09 | Encarnacion (Paraguay) @Rapsodia Bohemia
Mar 13 | São Paulo, SP (Brasil) @SESC Vila Mariana - Festival "Caros Hermanos"
Mar 14 | Araras, SP (Brasil) @CC "Leny de Oliveira Zurita"
Mar 15 | São Carlos, SP (Brasil) @GIG
Mar 16 | Braganca Pualista, SP (Brasil) @Galpao Busca Vida
Festival A Musica Muda Falsos Conejos + MAcaco Bong - Sesc Pompeia 2014 Festival A Musica Muda Falsos Conejos + MAcaco Bong + Huey + Dub Trio + Labirinto + Mouse on the Keys


Festival A Musica Muda


Falsos Conejos is back with a new line-up!!!

Festival A Musica Muda Falsos Conejos + MAcaco Bong + Huey + Dub Trio + Labirinto + Mouse on the Keys